Grey Daisy Adult Face Mask with Insert for Filter, Pleated Washable Mask, Travel Face Mask 100% Cotton, Reusable Fashionable Dust Mask

$ 14.99

MADE IN THE USA! All fabric is 100% cotton, pre-washed in Free & Clear and Laundry Sanitizer. It will have a sticker on it reminding you to please wash before wearing.

You're shopping with a reputable, longstanding Etsy shop owner and are in good hands with me. I haven't had employees in my office since 3/11 and no customer foot traffic in my shop.

This is for ONE face mask, please add quantity to your cart if you'd like more than one. Ear straps are made with 1/4 inch elastic. Elastic is measured at 7.5" for adults and 6.5" for kids. If this is too tight, ear savers are available for purchase from other small business owners!

Handmade fabric masks may offer some benefit to shoppers who are looking to protect themselves and others, but they're not a replacement for medical grade supplies. Using fabric masks instead of medical-grade options means more of those heavy duty supplies will be available for the healthcare providers and frontline workers who need them most.

The inside flaps for the insert will be a different, solid color. I cannot offer my front colors as back colors due to demand.

These are sewn using an embroidery machine. Over 2,000 stitches in each one!

These are HANDMADE and approximately 7" wide and 4" tall, the same height as disposable masks. I can make a kids size that is 6.5" wide and 3" tall. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 2!

They are pleated in the front to allow plenty of room to go over the nose and mouth. There is a flap in the back for YOU to insert a filter. I will not provide any filter.

They are washable. Please wash fully before using. All sales are final

A name/monogram is included in the price if specified during checkout and will be heat pressed using high quality adhesive vinyl on the INSIDE of the mask. This is so you and your family can keep yours apart.